Kandi Single Bracelets

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Ready for you here are 10 different sizes and colors mushrooms. Put one on your necklace or backpack. You can add to a single kandi bracelet, or give it to your best friend. I used mini pony beads of many colors. Get your mushrooms right here.


Hey there! Get ready to add some colorful flair to your outfit with my 10 Single Kandi Bracelets. I’ll mix and match pony beads of all shades, including stars, hearts, critters, letters, and more! If you’re dreaming of custom letters on your wrist candy, just drop me a line, and let’s get creative! No need [...]


100 mytery single kandi bracelets.


Behold the magical picture! What you see is what you’ll snag! And if you’re thinking bigger is better, then we’ve got you covered! The pattern will continue to slay in all sizes, from wrist to upper arm! We’ve got you all set for your next rave, so you can dance like a star with our [...]


5 different Butterflies are attached to different single Kandi Bracelets.


This is for 5 mystery kandi single bracelets.  If you want letters see below for more info,


50 mystery kandi single bracelets just for you.


Buy all 6 or buy as many as you want.  Your choice.

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Hey, hey, hey panda lovers! Listen up! You’ve hit the jackpot! Get ready to go wild and pick any panda charm you fancy from our super cute collection of 6! Plus, you’re in the driving seat – choose the perfect size for your wrist or go for the ultimate arm candy! Our neon panda charms [...]


Here is your Pokeball ready to wear on your wrist. You can choose one or as many as you want.  All Pokebass are made out of mini pony beads and hang off a single kandi bracelet.  Please let me know if I got the pokeballs names wrong. Each single kandi bracelet is made using between [...]


Here are some glow in the dark alien faces.. You can buy all six at one low price of 15.99.  If you want just one or two they are $2.99 a piece.

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