My Name is Naomi and my wife is Laurie.  We run a small business I design and make Kandi Jewelry.  Laurie looks for collectible items to buy and sell.  We are both retired and sell stuff to supplement our incomes (SSI is not as great as one hopes with everything going up and up).  We have three dogs that we love enjoy having with us. 

How I started making kandi a few years back my son came home with these really cool pony beaded bracelets his girl friend at the time made him.  I have been beading for many years but seed beads take a very long time to make anything. I bought my first pony beads and the rest is history,

I also wanted you to know that i am the original creator of the Deadmau5 and the Hello kitty.  They where both special orders I was asked to make.  Yes I do make custom kandi they way you want.  At this time I do not do perlers.  Just work with beads.