I Got My Facebook Account Back.

My Facebook acount was restricted about 2 months ago. I get this email saying i wrote some horrible stuff and they had to restrict my account because of that. Then I started getting these receipts from Facebook ads tema that ads where running under my facebook business page. There is now way that I could find to contact facebook to let them know that it wasn’t me. I replied to the email at no avaIL. I used my wifes account to try and contact them. I did everything i could think of. I even went to a hacker and paid them some money.. not much and when they asked for more I thought this is not going to work. I finally thought about reddit and see if this happened to anyone else. Low and behold there was a lot of other people with the same problem. One person told their story on using the states attorney general office and file a complaint. I did that and it worked for the most part. I do have a $250.00 bill that the hackers left that I contacted Facebook and our attorney general office about. The hackers used my email address that was connect to paypal and they spendt $50.00 on ads too, I removed the email from paypal and stoped that. Paypal refused to return my money. so I will keep you updated on progress on this case. Thank you for reading.

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