Premade Patterns.Policy

I really enjoy making kandi cuff bracelets, I have made a deal with Crumpet off of and will do any of her patterns and I try to make sure she gets credit. I feel very strong about what I am going to say now. I respect all people who take the time to made patterns and sometimes it is not as easy as it may look. So if you want me to make any kandi that is not my design or crumpets you need to get permission from that person.

You could always tell them about my affiliate program that if they sign up they and earn some extra money. (You should sign up too.)

So please if you want any kandi made out of any pattern that is not crumpet's or mine please contact them first.

This is the real PLUR thing to do.. lets stay PEACEful and LOVEing and UNITY and RESPECTfull.

Thank you for reading


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